Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs
Friday, August 6, 2010

Workshop report at work

A 2010 alum reports on the positive effects of one of her cohort's workshop reports, City of Milwaukee: Construction Mitigation Program.  She sent along a shot of a "business open" during construction sign perched on a Milwaukee sidewalk.

Sign that says
A grad reports she sees signs like this one, based on a La Follette School recommendation in a workshop report, all around the city of Milwaukee.

Such signs were one of the many ideas authors Bo McCready, Ian Ritz, Rocio Sanchez-Moyano, Mike Schultz and Sarah Wainscott suggested in their package of construction mitigation services to limit the negative impact of construction on surrounding businesses. The 2010 grads researched services in cities across the country and evaluated alternatives against the goals of cost-effectiveness, ease of implementation, political feasibility and equity.

The city of Milwaukee adopted many of the report's recommendations, which included public meetings, communication with affected businesses, signage, a website, and business education. The authors joined the mayor at a press conference in May when he unveiled the Public Works Support for Business Program to help nearby businesses before, during and after construction. The program is largely based on the La Follette School report, one of three students produced this year for the City of Milwaukee as part of the Workshop in Public Affairs taught by Susan Yackee.

"I've seen these signs everywhere and they've made me more aware of businesses I didn't even know existed!" authors' classmate says.