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The La Follette School of Public Affairs has selected Associate Professor Geoffrey Wallace as its first Kohl Undergraduate Education Chair. Funded by the Kohl Initiative, this faculty leadership position will guide the School’s new Undergraduate Certificate in Public Policy program.

The La Follette School of Public Affairs and Department of Political Science at UW–Madison along with the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) are hosting a series of Real Town Hall events in preparation for the 2018 midterm elections.  

The La Follette School’s annual Visit Day drew 43 prospective students from 14 states and Washington, D.C., to the UW–Madison campus Monday, March 27. Current students, alumni, and faculty members answered a wide range of questions during panel discussions and lunch at Union South.

Friday, 04 November 2016 13:31

Ryan Schowalter (MPA ’12)

The first year of the MPA program gave me the foundational skills needed to succeed in government and nonprofit work. During my second year, I was able to take courses in the School of Education while concurrently working for the state Department of Public Instruction.

This course provides an introduction to the statistical methods used in public policy. The course will cover the basics of probability, statistics, and quantitative methods in public policy analysis. The course stresses interpretation and presentation of data as well as theory.

Thursday, 12 June 2014 00:00

Geoffrey Wallace

Associate Professor of Public Affairs and Economics
Faculty Affiliate, Institute for Research on Poverty

This course equips students with the tools to tackle issues that involve the empirical analysis of public policy problems of the sort they might encounter in a professional environment. Specifically, the course introduces students to the use of multiple regression analysis for analyzing data. The emphasis is on empirical applications.

La Follette School Working Paper No. 2007-034

La Follette School Working Paper No. 2006-031

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