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Last month, the La Follette School participated in its third session with the Senate Scholar Program, an intensive week-long educational program offered by the Wisconsin State Senate.

In November, the La Follette School opened applications for its new Undergraduate Certificate in Health Policy, admitting 53 students to the program.

The La Follette School’s Undergraduate Certificate in Public Policy program and corresponding coursework equips students to continue their studies at the graduate level in technical skills and in-class climate.

The La Follette School’s new Certificate in Health Policy allows undergraduate students to gain critical knowledge and experience before entering the job market or graduate school.

The La Follette School is seeking organizational partners to host student interns in its new Undergraduate Certificate in Health Policy.

For the 2021–22 academic year, the La Follette School’s Undergraduate Certificate in Public Policy program will increase its enrollment to more than 200 students.

Monday, January 4, 2021

New courses include 3 on health policy

The La Follette School’s exciting growth continues, with several new undergraduate- and graduate-level courses, including three related to health policy. 

Offers an introduction to health policy in the United States. Examines the ways in which government plays a role in the provision and regulation of health care. Explores key aspects of health policy including the economics of health care (e.g., paying for and access to health care; the health care workforce; the role of markets and consequences of market/government failures, public policy that supports or promotes health; health care outcomes, quality, and disparities; and tools for evaluation) and special topics of interest such as policy addressing risky health behaviors, aging, mental health, and the Affordable Care Act. Think critically about public and private health issues using the policy analysis process, including policy interventions and their justifications, and gain skills in articulating and communicating policy positions.

Monday, November 9, 2020

PA 974 Health Systems and Policy (**)

This course offers a survey of health care and public health systems, with a particular focus on factors and policies that influence health equity and disparities in the United States. Students will learn concepts and frameworks important to contemporary and emerging debates in public policy and health. Working independently and in teams, students will work through cases and periodic “innovation sprints,” applying practical strategies to understand and communicate about problems and policy solutions that can emerge within complex, dynamic systems.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Mitchell, Michaud join School staff

Mary Michaud and Brittney Mitchell have joined the La Follette School staff. Michaud is a faculty associate, and Mitchell is an outreach specialist.

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