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La Follette School alum Shireen Ohadi-hamadani discussed health equity issues with students in the School’s latest Elevating Equity in Policymaking event.

In May, 79 students who received undergraduate degrees from the University of Wisconsin–Madison also earned certificates from the La Follette School of Public Affairs.

The La Follette School’s Master of Public Affairs and Master of Public Health dual-degree program prepares health policy professionals.

In November, the La Follette School opened applications for its new Undergraduate Certificate in Health Policy, admitting 53 students to the program.

Thursday, December 23, 2021

Mitchell Running (MPA ’17, MPH ’18)

The La Follette School will give you the tools necessary to be successful in a career in public policy, regardless of the sector or level of government you are interested in. And better still, it will provide you those tools in an environment that is welcoming and conducive to developing and sustaining relationships with mentors and colleagues.

La Follette School graduate student Nova Tebbe calls herself a climate newcomer. Yet, in early November, she joined 300 people who walked out of the United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (or COP26) to protest the lack of significant commitment to combat climate change.

I went to a small school for my undergraduate studies, and I wanted to keep this tight-knit community while also having the resources of a large and world-renowned research university. My time at the La Follette School has allowed me to have both.

The La Follette School’s new Certificate in Health Policy allows undergraduate students to gain critical knowledge and experience before entering the job market or graduate school.

Since 2016, the La Follette School has awarded the annual Stephen F. Brenton Health Policy Scholarship to a graduate student seeking to pursue a career in the health sector. Brenton is a widely respected leader who spent his career in health policy, and whose advocacy helped shape the healthcare landscape in Wisconsin and across the nation.

The La Follette School is seeking organizational partners to host student interns in its new Undergraduate Certificate in Health Policy.

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