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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Ethan Dickler, MPA

La Follette is not like other graduate programs on campus. When we are here, we work, socialize, and study together. We are Bobs together. The community is awesome and taught me so much about working with others toward success.

The La Follette School’s Master of Public Affairs and Master of Public Health dual-degree program prepares health policy professionals.

La Follette School grad Mikhaila Calice (MPA’19) played a starring role in a UW Now livestream presentation on climate, energy and geopolitics on November 9.

A three-year program, the master of urban planning and public affairs double degree consists of 72 credits. Some students enter the program concurrently, while others add one degree after beginning the other.

La Follette School graduate student Nova Tebbe calls herself a climate newcomer. Yet, in early November, she joined 300 people who walked out of the United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (or COP26) to protest the lack of significant commitment to combat climate change.

Earning a master’s degree in public affairs (MPA) from the La Follette School gives students more than an academic credential. It provides a real-world policy toolkit they can use on-the-job, even before graduation.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Emma Heins, MPA, EAP

It was beneficial to apply economic principles I learned in classes with a real-world client and to get some practical experience liaising and communicating with a client.

The La Follette School’s Undergraduate Certificate in Public Policy program and corresponding coursework equips students to continue their studies at the graduate level in technical skills and in-class climate.

Like the Bard himself, Ethan Dickler was inspired by a muse of fire when he sat down to write a paper for Policy Making Process (PA 874).

I went to a small school for my undergraduate studies, and I wanted to keep this tight-knit community while also having the resources of a large and world-renowned research university. My time at the La Follette School has allowed me to have both.

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