Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs
Career development coordinator Mary Russell has received a professional development grant that she will use to attend a conference for career professionals in December in Pittsburgh.

The house that the La Follette School calls home was overflowing. Well-dressed students waited patiently in the hallways while 11 alumni and friends of the school settled in to conduct a series of mock interviews with the 43 students.

1992 alum Jill J. Karofsky helps prosecutors with cases involving domestic violence and sexual assault as the state's first violence against women resource prosecutor.

Lisa Ellinger is administrator for the Division of Insurance Services of the Wisconsin Department of Employee Trust Funds.

For Charlie Carlson, the keys are methodology and relationships. By parlaying that combination through three decades of collective bargaining, human resources management, local government consulting and entrepreneurship, Carlson and his partners built an online management company so efficient at retrieving data and compiling reports that Gallup Inc. bought the firm after sampling its software.

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