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The state should continue to monitor the health status of children in foster care after they exit out-of-home care and use the data to evaluate a pilot health-care project, La Follette School students recommend in a new study.

Professor emeritus Karen Holden comments on policy changes for secure retirements on a web site published by a credit card company.
Memorial services were held June 14 for 1987 alum Sheila Chaffee, who died in Madison at age 76.

Anne Gargano Ahmed wants to make sure consumers are helping to shape health care policy. "My family experienced the devastating consequences of being uninsured, and I am dedicated to protecting other families from similar experiences," the continuing student says.

Professor Pamela Herd discussed on Wisconsin Public Radio a new report on the financial state of Medicare and Social Security.
Expanded public health insurance coverage increases access to outpatient care and reduces hospitalizations, new research by La Follette School professor Thomas DeLeire and 1999 alum Kristen Voskuil finds.
Thursday, April 18, 2013

School hosts health economics conference

Junior and senior economists discussed the latest health economics research at the fourth annual Midwest Health Economics Conference hosted by the La Follette School in April.
Researchers, regulators and health-care providers will explore the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the La Follette School's spring symposium on Thursday, April 25, from 1 to 4:30 at Union South.
Health-care reform makes "free and vigorous" advocacy around private insurance issues available to more Americans, according to a study co-authored by 2002 alum Sarah Davis.
Interconnected socioeconomic factors affect public health, 2012 alum Carly Hood notes in an opinion piece published last week by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.
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