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The 1989 grad is back in the public sector after an eight-year stint in the private sector leading the Future of Child Welfare Initiative as a senior policy advisor to the secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Children and Families. He started in the position in June 2010.

La Follette School alum and author Leslie Albrecht Huber comments on the connected ancestry of President Obama and Sarah Palin in a Good Morning America sequence aired October 13.

Destinations and results are often unexpected, alum Leslie Albrecht Huber finds as she applies aspects of her La Follette training to her career as a freelance writer.

La Follette School faculty share their expertise in many ways and in many places throughout the school year and during the summer. Here is a sampling of their activities:
Family structure affects a child's economic mobility prospects, according to a new studied co-authored by La Follette School professor Thomas DeLeire for the Pew Economic Policy Group's report Family Structure and the Economic Mobility of Children.
Food subsidies for child-care providers is the subject of the La Follette School Seminar on Tuesday, April 20, at 12:20 p.m. in 4308 Sewell Social Sciences Building. Rachel Gordon, a sociologist at the University of Illinois, will present.

Family financial security is the topic of a symposium hosted by the University of Wisconsin

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