Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs

With more than 120 people in attendance, the La Follette School of Public Affairs had one of the largest turnouts ever for its annual Madison Reception on Thursday, February 1.

A La Follette School associate, Sara Goldrick-Rab, has been selected as a William T. Grant Scholar, an elite group of early-career researchers studying ways to improve the lives of youth.
Wednesday, 23 January 2013 10:22

UW honors 2 La Follette faculty members

La Follette faculty members Menzie Chinn and Susan Yackee have been honored with campus awards.

The Wisconsin Federal Statistical Research Data Center (WiscRDC) is hosting the annual RDC conference September 5 and 6 at the Pyle Center, 702 Langdon Street. La Follette School Professor Jason Fletcher is executive director of WiscRDC.

The David N. Kershaw Award Lecture professor Donald Moynihan delivered November 7 is available online.

A video and slides of public affairs professor Barbara Wolfe giving the Robert J. Lampman Memorial Lecture is available on the Institute for Research on Poverty's web site. She presented "Poverty and Poor Health: Can Health Care Reform Break the Link?" on June 21, 2011.

Student-loan borrowers nudged to view their FICO Score had on average fewer past due accounts and a higher FICO Score one year later, a study by La Follette School Assistant Professor Rourke O’Brien and colleagues shows.

Altruists in the workplace are more likely to help fellow employees, be more committed to their work and be less likely to quit. A new paper appearing in the American Review of Public Administration also shows that these workplace altruists enjoy a pretty important benefit themselves — they are happier than their fellow employees.

Matthew Yglesias, a founder of, will join two La Follette School faculty members for the discussion “Trump as Policymaker: A First-Year Report Card” on Monday, March 19.

La Follette School Professor Jason Fletcher will present Molecular Me: Exploring the Social Implications of the Genomics Revolution on June 5 at the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA).

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