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Thursday, 09 August 2012 12:50

Economists back inflation to boost economy

Inflation is the best bet for beating the debt crisis and helping the global economy recover, La Follette School economist Menzie Chinn and co-author Jeffry Frieden argue in the Milken Institute Review.
Higher inflation is the best way for the global economy to recover from the U.S. and European debt crises, given the lack of political will to increase fiscal stimulus, La Follette School economist Menzie Chinn and collaborator Jeffry Frieden of Harvard University argue in the new issue of Foreign Policy.
Tuesday, 23 February 2010 12:04

Economists comment on federal jobs bill

La Follette School economists Andrew Reschovsky and Menzie Chinn shared their perspective on the federal jobs bill with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.
The United States and other countries should welcome Japan's unconventional decision to increase inflation as a method for growing its economy growth, economists Menzie Chinn and Isao Kamata argue in a new analysis from the La Follette School of Public Affairs.

La Follette School Working Paper No. 2016-004

After Rosina Estol-Peixoto started working at the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington, D.C., she saw how her research influenced public policy in Central American countries. Now she is pursuing a Master of International Public Affairs at the La Follette School.

Thursday, 27 January 2011 10:29

Exercise incentives topic of Feb. 1 seminar

How financial incentives influence individuals' commitments to exercise will be discussed at the February 1 La Follette School seminar at noon in the school's conference room.
La Follette School faculty have been sharing their insights in the media.
Tuesday, 26 October 2010 10:56

Faculty share expertise

The campus Center for Financial Security received second-year funding of $3.1 million from the Social Security Administration's Financial Literacy Research Consortium.
Wednesday, 16 November 2011 11:02

Faculty share expertise in media

Faculty have been in the news recently.
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