Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs
Monday, April 16, 2018

Student Alhadeff has paper published in Georgetown journal

Student Alhadeff has paper published in Georgetown journal

The Georgetown Public Policy Review recently published a paper written by La Follette School student Sam Alhadeff. He wrote the paper, Reforming the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), for the Introduction to Policy Analysis course (PA 873) taught by Professor Dave Weimer.

“The way Professor Weimer structures his class – assigning topics instead of letting students choose multiple presentations on findings, and an iterative writing process – forced me to start from square one and really think through all aspects of the policy analysis,” said Alhadeff, who received bachelor’s degrees in political science and economics from UW–Madison in 2017. “The class was really difficult, but Professor Weimer’s teaching and guidance was the only way I could write a paper of this quality.”

Alhadeff’s paper provides background on the NFIP, the case for reform, policy goals and alternatives, assessments of policy goals and alternatives, and recommendations.

“Based on economic and fiscal efficiency as well as political feasibility, this paper recommends that the legislature, specifically the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs, encourage FEMA [the Federal Emergency Management Agency] to adopt a policy of stricter enforcement of building codes and mandatory insurance,” the paper said.

Alhadeff recommends three options for Congress to encourage stricter enforcement: conduct normal oversight and inform FEMA of the potential benefit of stricter enforcement, new legislation that directs funding toward stricter enforcement, and when budget appropriations are passed, earmarking some FEMA funds for stricter enforcement.

Originally from Buffalo Grove, Illinois, Alhadeff was the founding president of UW–Madison’s Alexander Hamilton Society, a student organization dedicated to foreign policy discussion. He also co-founded The Wisconsin International Review, a student-run foreign policy and international relations magazine that gives students a platform for writing improvement and high-quality political analysis

During the summer of 2017, Alhadeff completed an internship with JA Green & Company in Washington, DC, a boutique government affairs firm, where he supported registered lobbyists throughout the National Defense Authorization Act process. Fluent in Spanish, he also teaches in the Departments of Political Science and Social Work at UW–Madison. Alhadeff plans to live abroad for a few years after graduation.