Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs
Friday, October 27, 2017

Sage Foundation funds sociogenomics research by Herd, colleagues

Sage Foundation funds sociogenomics research by Herd, colleagues

The Russell Sage Foundation awarded funding to La Follette School Professor Pam Herd and two colleagues from Stanford University for their research that analyzes newly available genomic data from a sample of older adults in the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study. The researchers will examine the role of polygenic scores in influencing educational, occupational, and economic outcomes.

Herd is collaborating with Benjamin Domingue and Jeremy Freese on the project, which is co-funded with the Ford Foundation. The researchers received $93,264 for their work – Sociogenomics in the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study: Probing Questions of Validity Regarding the Genetics of Educational Attainment and Subsequent and Economic Attainments.

The award is part of the Sage Foundation’s special initiative on Integrating Biology and Social Science Knowledge. The initiative supports innovative social science research on social and economic outcomes that improves understanding of the interactive mechanisms by which environmental influences affect biological mechanisms, and vice versa.

Herd, who joined the University of Wisconsin–Madison faculty in 2005, is principal investigator of the Wisconsin Longitudinal Study and director of the Center for Demography of Health and Aging. She has published dozens of articles in numerous peer-reviewed journals, including the American Journal of Public Health, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Public Administration Review, American Journal of Medical Genetics, and International Journal of Epidemiology.