Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs
Thursday, February 19, 2015

Nonprofit students explore field via blog entries

Leslie Ann Howard Leslie Ann Howard

La Follette School students are sharing their impressions about the nonprofit sector in blog entries they are writing as part of the school's course on nonprofit leadership.

Leslie Ann Howard, adjunct associate professor of public affairs and president of United Way of Dane County, added Badger Blogs: The Wisconsin Idea in Action this year to the annual course.

"Each student will post five blog entries during the semester on these topics: the role of the private, public and nonprofit sectors in society; the challenge of creating change; strategic planning; collaboration among the sectors; and leadership responsibility in a diverse world," Howard says. "So far I have been impressed with the voice our students bring."

Students from around the university take the course, including graduate students in public affairs, social work, political science, counseling, business, education and public health. They draw on their course readings and discussions as well as their own experiences to craft their blog entries.

"Today, nonprofits play a key role in bolstering society and, perhaps surprisingly, the economy," first-year Master of Public Affairs student Amanda Ward notes in an entry on the three sectors. "The relationship that nonprofits have with business and government is one of interdependence and synergy; a quick look at these relationships will demonstrate the importance of nonprofits to our nation and world."