Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs
Monday, April 6, 2020

New mission, vision, values guide La Follette School

After a multi-stakeholder process and robust conversations over the past several months, La Follette School Director Susan Webb Yackee has announced the School’s new mission, vision, and values.

Mission: We train leaders and conduct research to inspire evidence-based policymaking and to advance the public good.

Vision: Evidence-based public policymaking that impacts society’s pressing problems.

Four values guide the School’s efforts: dynamism, integrity, inclusivity, and collaboration. 

“Alumni, students, faculty, staff, and Board of Visitors members were integral in this critical process,” said Yackee, a professor public affairs and political science. “We are extremely grateful for their thoughtful participation.”

In the coming months, School leaders will identify strategic directions for accomplishing the School’s vision, said Yackee.

Members of the Strategic Planning Committee, which met five times in September and October 2019, were:

  • Michael Caniglia, Jessica Gehr, and Eleanor Pratt – students
  • Sam Austin, Kate Nast Jones, Hilary Shager – alumni
  • Greg Nemet, Tim Smeeding, Geoffrey Wallace, Yang Wang, and Susan Webb Yackee – faculty
  • Lisa Hildebrand, Steve Kulig, Mo O’Connor, Bridget Pirsch, and David Wright-Racette – staff

In preparation for the meetings, the La Follette School surveyed faculty, staff, students, alumni, graduate students, and Board of Visitors (BOV) members about the current state of the School and potential future directions. Nearly 200 people responded.

Student Michael Zell assisted with the survey results and conducted research on 20 of the La Follette School’s peers, including their respective mission statements, to help inform the committee’s discussions.  

Jeremy Kautza of UW–Madison’s Office of Strategic Consulting facilitated the meetings.