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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Munich institute honors Haveman for service

Robert Haveman

Germany's leading economic research organization, the Ifo Institute in Munich, honored Professor Robert Haveman with a rare recognition, making him an honorary member.

The Ifo Institute presented Haveman the award in November when he concluded his five years of service as chair of Ifo's Scientific Advisory Council. Ifo is part of the CESifo Group, a research group unique in Europe in the area of economic research.

The Scientific Advisory Council advises the Ifo Institute and the CESifo Group. The council consists of internationally respected independent academics and experts who meet once or twice a year. It provides independent, external quality control of the institute, and advises the executive board and the administrative council in the long-term planning of research and development. The council also gives advice and guidance to the institute president and executive committee on the direction for several research centers, staff appointments and the submissions of reports to the German bodies that fund the institute.

"Being chair of the Scientific Advisory Council provided a rare opportunity to directly contribute to the development of the institute and to its growth and success," Haveman says. "I was honored to serve in the effort to foster European research of this sort and even more honored by the membership award presented to me."

There are only three honorary members of the Ifo Institute. Along with Haveman, Cornell University economist Assaf Razin became an honorary member in November. He served as Scientific Advisory Council chair prior to Haveman.

In announcing these awards, the Ifo Institute stated that Haveman and Razin had a lasting influence on the scientific development of the institute. "With their scientific expertise, their global networks and their tremendous personal commitment, both men contributed to the Ifo Institute's outstanding performance in evaluations and helped to turn Ifo into one of Europe's leading think-tanks in the field of economics."

The CESifo Group combines in an international environment the theoretically oriented economic research of the university with the empirical work of a leading economic research institute. In addition to Ifo, the group includes the Center for Economic Studies and the CESifo GmbH (Munich Society for the Promotion of Economic Research).