Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs
Tuesday, March 12, 2019

La Follette School moves up in health policy rankings

The La Follette School is ranked among the top 15 graduate schools for public affairs in three specialty areas, according to the US News & World Report rankings released today. It remains the fifth best school for social policy and 15th best for public policy analysis, while improving to the ninth best school for health policy (up from 10th last year).

Overall, the La Follette School is ranked 25th, tied with Duke University, Florida State University, Georgetown University, and several others.

The rankings were based on a survey of approximately 500 faculty across the country, who were asked their subjective opinion on 272 schools. The survey has a response rate of about 40 percent.

“While we appreciate the visibility of the US News scores, smaller schools such as the La Follette School are at a disadvantage in reputational rankings like this,” said Director and Professor Susan Yackee. “We consider our small size a tremendous advantage for our students. Faculty are accessible, and everyone in a class has the opportunity to contribute.”

Last year, authors Elliott Ash and Miguel Urquiola used bibliographic databases to gather measures of the quality and quantity of publication output for approximately 5,000 faculty members at 44 of the top U.S. policy schools. The La Follette School ranked fourth for public administration, 13th for general political science, 14th for economics, and 15th for natural science.

These rankings confirm La Follette’s status in a range of similar studies using objective indicators of research quality such as publication in top-ranked journals and citation rates.