Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs
Wednesday, June 2, 2010

La Follette School hosting red-tape conference

Scholars interested in red tape are gathering in Madison this week to consider the best ways to rethink and expand the study of administrative rules.

The La Follette School is hosting an international conference June 2-4 to bring together some of the top red-tape researchers from around the world to discuss the research agenda for the study of red tape over the next decade.

"While an impressive empirical literature on red tape has developed new knowledge in this topic, there remains significant interest among policymakers on practical ways to minimize the negative impact of red tape within public organizations, and on citizens and regulated bodies," says conference organizer Don Moynihan, the La Follette School's associate director.

Conference topics include red tape theory and empirical testing; a review of red tape measures, measurement development and other measurement methods; underexplored aspects of red tape; untested components of red tape theory and hypotheses; and questions, methods, and opportunities for setting a 10-year research agenda.

Speakers from the La Follette School include Moynihan and professors Carolyn Heinrich, David Weimer and Susan Yackee. A full agenda for Red Tape Research Workshop: Rethinking and Expanding the Study of Administrative Rules and a list of speakers is available online.