Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs
Monday, October 29, 2012

Faculty, alumni share research at conference

La Follette School faculty and alumni are off to the fall research conference of the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management November 8-12 in Baltimore to present research on child support, health insurance, school vouchers and more. The dates, times and locations of the presentations can be found by searching the online preconference program.

Several La Follette faculty members and affiliates helped to organize the conference. Professor Donald Moynihan and affiliate Marcia Carlson serve on APPAM's Policy Council.

Associate director Susan Webb Yackee is giving two presentations. One, written with La Follette faculty affiliate Jason Webb Yackee, of the University of Wisconsin Law School, explores their findings that procedures placed on regulatory agencies do not seem to systematically hamper them. The second, written with Simon Haeder of the University of Wisconsin–Madison, looks at changes in draft agency regulations while they are under review by the Office of Management and Budget.

Tim Smeeding, director of the Institute for Research on Poverty, chaired the conference's Data Watch section. He organized two roundtables, one on inequality and intergenerational mobility in the United States, the other on the use of multiple data sources for assessing poverty, inequality and policy. He and La Follette faculty affiliate J. Michael Collins are co-authors with affiliate Lawrence Berger, who will present on Spare the Home, Spare the Child? Foreclosure and Child Welfare Outcomes. Smeeding is coauthor of another paper on the antipoverty effectiveness of the safety net in Wisconsin that will be presented, and he is a discussant for a panel on the effects of the Great Recession on children and youth.

A panel on international child support policy research includes a presentation by professor Maria Cancian on Child Support Debt: Tracing the Evolution of the Problem and Implications for Policy Solutions. Cancian will also present Using Integrated Data to Diagnose Disconnections In Policy and Program Design on a panel Smeeding organized on using multiple data Systems for Policy analysis and practice.

School director Thomas DeLeire will present The Effect of Public Insurance On the Labor Supply of Childless Adults. He is co-author of another paper to be presented, The Predictive Capacity of a Self-Reported Health Screener for Adults In Medicaid. He is chairing a panel on  new sources and methods for measuring the recession and recovery, another on infant health, and he is a discussant for a panel on childhood hunger in the United States. DeLeire chaired the conference's Health section.

DeLeire organized and is chairing a panel on red tape in voting and in public programs. Moynihan will present Administrative Barriers and Simplification in Medicaid at that session. Moynihan is co-author of another conference paper, Administrative Reform, Political Ideology, and Bureaucratic Effort: Performance Management in the Bush Administration. Moynihan chaired the conference's Public & Non-Profit Management section.

Professor Barbara Wolfe will present the paper Benefits From University Level Diversity?

Professor Robert Haveman will be part of a roundtable on lessons from Europe in regard to increasing labor market participation in a time of high unemployment. He will present a paper on The Effect of Housing Voucher Receipt On Adult Participation In Work Training Programs co-authored with Wolfe and 2007 alum Deven Carlson, who is now on the faculty at the University of Oklahoma.

Carlson is also co-author of Public Oversight of Private Provision of a Public Good, and he will present School Vouchers and Student Outcomes, co-authored with professor John Witte, among others. Witte is co-author of School Choice and Special Education.

Professor Greg Nemet is chairing a panel about assessing the social and political feasibility of carbon capture and storage technology.

David Weimer is chairing a panel for the Society for Benefit-Cost Analysis, of which he is vice president on the use of benefit-cost analysis by state and local governments. He is co-author of a conference paper, State Implementation of the Affordable Care Act's Insurance Exchanges.

2012 alum Andrew Trembley will present a poster paper, Serving Two Masters: Profits, Outreach and Size In Community Development Financial Institutions. He is an education consultant with the World Bank.

1996 alum Carolyn Hill will explore whether the effects of a strong pre-kindergarten program persist. She is a professor at Georgetown University.

1972 alum C. Eugene Steuerle will present Principles and Rationales Behind the Charitable Deduction and Proposed Reforms. He is co-author of Wealth Loss During the Great Recession: Facts, Impacts, and Policy Remedies and will chair a panel on understanding the rules and size of the problem with public sector pensions.