Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs
Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Faculty, alumni share research at APPAM conference


In addition to organizing the panel Analysis, Politics, and Policymaking: Lessons from the Glen Canyon Dam, Deven Carlson presented paper he co-authored with La Follette School economists Robert Haveman and Barbara Wolfe and Thomas Kaplan of the Institute for Research on Poverty. The paper is titled “Housing Vouchers As Instruments of Public School Choice: Evidence from Wisconsin.” Carlson presented another paper, “The Effects of School Closure: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Ohio.” He was co-author of a paper on “School Choice and Student Neighborhoods: Evidence from the Milwaukee Voucher Program.”

2007 alum Matthew Steinberg, a professor at University of Pennsylvania, presented “Teacher Performance Evaluation and Teacher Sorting: Experimental Evidence from Chicago Public Schools.” He was a discussant for the panel Schedules, Learning Time, and Mentors: Effects on Student Achievement. He organized a panel on The Teacher Labor Market in an Evolving Policy Landscape: Teacher Assignment, Turnover and Productivity.

1996 alum Douglas Harris, a professor at Tulane University, was a discussant for that panel and for one titled “ Promise Scholarship Programs: Evidence from Recent Evaluations .” He presented “What Do Parents Prefer When Choosing Schools? the Role of Teacher Versus School Characteristics.”

1996 alum Carolyn Hill, a professor at Georgetown University, was a discussant on the panel How Does Collaborative Governance Work? Learning, Relationships, Blame, and Location.

La Follette School faculty and alumni presented research and participated in discussions at the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management conference in November.

Donald Moynihan received the prestigious David Kershaw Award and gave the David N. Kershaw Award Lecture. The $10,000 Kershaw award honors a scholar younger than 40 who has made a distinguished contribution to public policy analysis and management. The award is made once every two years and is determined by the president of Mathematica Policy Research, the president of APPAM, and the dean of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University.

Moynihan also presented "A Performance Management Reform That Works? An Early Assessment of the GPRA Modernization Act." He moderated the roundtable Framework for Implementing Evidence-Based Policymaking and spoke at the roundtable on Improving Performance in the Veterans Health Administration. Moynihan organized and chaired a panel on What Does Government Performance Mean and How Do We Know? Different Perspectives.

Other presentations by professors and their co-authors include:

Maria Cancian is co-author on paper called "The Effects of Child Support on the Labor Supply of Custodial Mothers Participating in TANF."

J. Michael Collins presented "Cohort Patterns of Liquid Assets and Consumer Debt Among Vulnerable Populations." He also chaired the panel Financial Decisions of Senior Homeowners: Informing Policy, and he served as discussant for a panel Mortgage Underwriting and Access to Credit. He co-authored the paper "State Mandated Financial Education and the Credit Behavior of Young Adults."

Jason Fletcher is co-author of three presented papers, "Tobacco Control and Smoking Outcomes: New Evidence from Pharmaceuticals," "Understanding the Relationship Between the School Breakfast Program and Food Insecurity" and "Causal Spousal Health Spillover Effects and Implications for Program Evaluation."

Robert Haveman spoke on two roundtables, one The Civil Rights Act and War on Poverty: 50 Years Later, the other The Great Society's Investment in Social Research and Development.

Robert Meyer organized and moderated the roundtable Institutions and Their Contributions to Educational Reform.

Geoffrey Wallace presented a paper, "Health Status, Health Shocks and Asset Adequacy over Retirement Years," that he co-authored with Haveman and Barbara Wolfe.

David Weimer was chair and discussant for the panel Analysis, Politics, and Policymaking: Lessons from the Glen Canyon Dam, which was organized by 2007 alum Deven Carlson, a professor at the University of Oklahoma. Weimer is co-author of a poster paper "Too Narrow? Comparing Private, Medicaid, and Insurance Exchange Hospital Networks in California."

John Witte is co-author of the presented paper "Impacts of School Vouchers in Milwaukee on on-Time College Completion."

Barbara Wolfe chaired a panel on Health and Aging at which Wallace presented. She is co-author of the paper "The Effects of the ACA: Young Adult Dependent Coverage Expansion on Health." She spoke at a symposium on The Affordable Care Act: One Year Later.