Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs
Friday, September 30, 2011

Economist Reschovsky to receive national honor

Economist Andrew Reschovsky will be honored in November with the 2011 Steve Gold Award, which recognizes a person who has made a significant contribution to public financial management in the field of intergovernmental relations and state and local finance.

Andrew Reschovsky

The award is given annually by the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, the National Conference of State Legislatures and the National Tax Association, in memory of Steve Gold, an active member of all three organizations whose career and life tragically were shortened by illness.

"I knew Steve Gold, which makes receiving this award even more meaningful," says Reschovsky, a professor of public affairs and applied economics. "As a public finance economist, Steve believed his role was to communicate to policymakers about research and analysis. His emphasis on the link between scholarship and practice and on policy-oriented work on public finance has very much influenced my career."

Reschovsky focuses his research on tax policy and intergovernmental fiscal relations.

"The Steve Gold Award is a significant and very competitive award," says La Follette School Director Tom DeLeire. "The honor for Andy is well deserved, and we are pleased that his contributions to the field are receiving this recognition."

Reschovsky's current research and analysis includes a study of the impact of property taxes on the mobility of elderly homeowners, a study of the incidence of the property tax on homeowners, an analysis of the impact of the housing and economic crisis on the financing of the nation's largest central cities, and a study of the financing of local public health departments in Wisconsin. He advises the World Bank on a study of school financing in developing countries around the world and serves as a technical advisor to the Financial and Fiscal Commission in South Africa. Reschovsky is a visiting fellow at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy, a think tank in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His most recent papers have appeared in Regional Science and Urban Economics and in Public Finance and Management.

At the La Follette School, Reschovsky teaches the Workshop in Public Affairs, in which students conduct policy analysis and research for real-world clients, including the City of Milwaukee, Wisconsin state agencies, and international organizations. This fall he is teaching State and Local Government Finance. He frequently shares his perspectives on state and national economics and public finance with national media, most recently the Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal, Fox News and NPR.

Earlier recipients of the Steve Gold Award include Bob Lang, director of the Wisconsin Legislative Fiscal Bureau; George Zodrow, Rice University; Robert P. Strauss, Carnegie Mellon University; and Helen F. Ladd of Duke University.

Reschovsky will receive the Steve Gold Award on November 4 at the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management's awards breakfast at its annual research conference in Washington, D.C.

Gold was an economist who passed away in 1996 at age 52. He served for six years as director of the Center for the Study of the States at the State University of New York in Albany, where he was also a professor of public administration and policy. Gold was known for his expertise on state and local taxes, budget deficits and financing. He advocated against balancing the federal budget at the expense of programs important to the states. Eight months before Gold passed away, he joined the Urban Institute in Washington, D.C., as co-director of a research project aimed at assessing changes in health services and social programs as responsibility for these programs was shifting away from the federal government to the states.

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