Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs
Thursday, April 3, 2014

College honors Treleven for advising

Admissions and academic services coordinator Mary Treleven will receive an Academic Advising Award from the University of Wisconsin–Madison's College of Letters and Science at a reception on Thursday, May 1.

"I feel very honored to receive this recognition from students and faculty," Treleven says. "I have always felt lucky to work with public affairs students who truly care about improving the lives of people around them and throughout the world."

"I am thrilled with this recognition of Mary's terrific work," says school director Susan Yackee. "Academic advising is critical to student success."

"Faculty rely greatly on the excellence in all aspects of her work that we see in Mary — but most of all on her outstanding work as an academic advisor to the students in our master in public affairs and Master of International Public Affairs degree programs," says professor Melanie Manion, who nominated Treleven with Yackee, Menzie Chinn and Donald Moynihan. "We all served as associate directors and benefited from Mary's outstanding service. We could not have done our job without Mary."

Treleven coordinates graduate program admissions and advising services for the La Follette School students. She meets with prospective students and assists them throughout the application process. She serves as a resource for students in navigating university departments, enrollment and graduation requirements. She works closely with students to ensure they meet course requirements. She also collaborates with faculty on curriculum development, advising, admissions and enrollment management.

"As a mid-sized professional graduate program, the La Follette School has few staff dedicated solely to our more than 100 highly diverse and appropriately demanding graduate students," Manion says. "Mary knows the students before they arrive. She is the one who tells some of them, based on what she knows from their applications, that they should do preparatory work in math—before they arrive for 'boot camp' in August—if they hope to survive the first semester of statistics and microeconomic policy analysis."

Treleven's skill at advising students was indispensable, says 2013 alum and then-president of the La Follette School Student Association Phil Sletten, who wrote a letter of support for Treleven's nomination. "Mary made a point to be knowledgeable about every class taught at La Follette and the ways in which those classes complemented each other," Sletten says. "She also learned the details of each student's schedule and interests. Stories of Mary's ability to advise students in their coursework selections, secure spots in classes, tackle tricky course schedules and help out with other events abounded in the student body."