Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs
Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Cancian, others sharing expertise at APPAM

Eleven La Follette School faculty and staff members will present their research at the 2017 Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM) Annual Fall Research Conference from November 2 to 4 in Chicago. 

Maria Cancian, J. Michael Collins, Jason Fletcher, Don Moynihan, Greg Nemet, Heidi Normandin, Rourke O’Brien, Hilary Shager, Tim Smeeding, Bobbi Wolfe, and Susan Yackee will give presentations and participate in roundtable and panel discussions.

Cancian will moderate the roundtable discussion Data for Program Management and Research: Complements or Alternatives; La Follette School faculty affiliate Jennifer Noyes will participate as a speaker.

Cancian also will be a speaker for the roundtable Using Integrated Data Systems (IDS) to Improve State and Local Policy and Programs, and she will present her paper The Growth in Shared Custody: Patterns and Implications, written with Daniel Meyer, a La Follette School faculty affiliate, and Steven Cook of UW–Madison’s Institute for Research on Poverty

Other papers to be presented by Cancian’s co-authors are:

  • Discrepancies in Child Support Paid and Owed Among Noncustodial Parents: Evidence from Survey and State Administrative Data
  • Family Fluidity and Economic Resources
  • Do Noncustodial Parents Have More Contact and Better Relationships with Their Most Recent Noncustodial Child?
  • Using Linked Administrative Data to Understand the Relationship Between Foster Care and Children’s Academic Achievement

Nemet will present his paper Sources of Price Dispersion in U.S. Residential Solar Installations during the panel discussion Measuring the Effects of Policies on the Adoption and Prices of Solar Energy Systems, which he organized. He also will chair the panel Community Acceptance of Emerging Utility Practices.

Fletcher will present his paper Uncovering Heterogeneous Treatment Effects in Large Social Experiments: Evidence from Project STAR during the panel discussion Integrating Machine Learning and Policy Evaluation to Detect Heterogeneous Treatment Effects, which he organized.

Smeeding will moderate the roundtable discussion Deep Poverty: What is the Best Measure? and will be the discussant for the panel discussion Measuring the Impact of Policy Changes on Poverty in the United States.

In addition, Shager and Normandin will present a student seminar based on their experience as director and associate director, respectively, of the Wisconsin Family Impact Seminars and Committee Connect initiative. Normandin is chairing the session Using Research to Build Better Public Policy: Tips for Working with State Legislators and Other Policymakers, which also includes Vivian Tseng of the William T. Grant Foundation.

Shager, the La Follette School’s associate director, and Normandin will provide tips for bridging the cultural divide between academia and policymakers, including how to build relationships, how to utilize an education versus advocacy approach to share research, and how to make written and visual research deliverables more user-friendly.

Other La Follette School presenters are:

  • Collins: Panel paper – Do Bank Branches in Public School Enhance Learning? A Field Study
  • Moynihan: Panel paper – Issue Reprioritization Amidst Performance Ambiguity: How Politician’s’ Public-Private Preferences Overwhelm Goal Preferences
  • O'Brien: Panel paper – Income Inequality and Tax Policy: Evidence from US States 1980-2010
  • Wolfe: Panel paper – Ties Between Health Policy, Early Health Problems and Lifetime Earnings
  • Yackee: Panel paper – Presidentially Directed Policy Change

Faculty affiliates participating include Fenaba Addo, Lawrence Berger, Marguerite Burns, Jane Collins, Katherine Magnuson, and Claudia Persico. La Follette School Board of Visitors member Carolyn Heinrich is president of APPAM