Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs
Thursday, October 11, 2018

Avneesh Chandra, MIPA

Avneesh Chandra, MIPA

Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India

Undergraduate education
Bachelor’s of technology in computers and communications engineering from Manipal Institute of Technology, 2017

Professional/research interests
Technology policy, regulatory policy

Expected graduation date
May 2019


How have your La Follette School courses and/or experiences set you on the path to meeting your career goals?

My time at La Follette has helped expose to me a wide variety of policy interests—our small community has students and professionals interested in everything, whether it’s health policy or issues in international finance. It has helped guide me in what I want to do and has given me a better understanding of how different areas of policy interact.

Project assistantship

I have also been a student member of the Project DATA team under Professor Young Mie Kim at UW–Madison’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication. I was drawn to the position due to Professor Kim’s cutting-edge research in the area of online political advertising and her exciting, interdisciplinary team.

Summer internship

Over the summer, I interned with the bipartisan government transparency and accountability nonprofit Issue One in Washington, DC. My work as a research & investigations intern involved attending various hearings on election security on Captiol Hill, public sessions at the Federal Election Commission on regulating online advertisements, and working on the Dark Money Illuminated report. I was honored to be a part of the work that helped shed light on dark-money spending in federal election campaigns in the wake of Citizens United, while gaining extensive exposure to the government reform community of nonprofit organizations operating in the US Capitol.

 What did you do before enrolling at the La Follette School?

Before attending the La Follette School, I was an YLAC fellow and an undergraduate student at the Manipal Institute of Technology, where I co-founded one of the first student-body journalism organizations of its kind, The MIT Post

Anything else?

While at UW, I’ve also immensely enjoyed and am proud of my work as part of The Wisconsin International Review (The WIRe) where I am now managing editor. Being part of a student journalism organization has always been one of the most exciting things about being on a college campus, and the time I’ve spent with The WIRe, meeting and being exposed to different members of the UW student body that care about various international issues, has been truly invaluable.