Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs
Thursday, March 16, 2017

Alumni take top prize at LSSA Trivia Night

Alumni take top prize at LSSA Trivia Night

After a hard-fought battle – including a tie-breaker question – the Elder Belles won the La Follette School Student Association’s (LSSA) first Trivia Night, which raised more than $700 for their graduation celebration and other projects.

With three alumni, the Elder Belles took first place by correctly answering the question: What is the approximate total sales of the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The Fightin’ Bob La Flawless team of five second-year students was runner-up, and the Smeeding of the Minds alumni team finished third. Sixteen five-member teams participated in the ten-round competition.

Elder Belles members H.J. Waukau (MIPA ’12), Christa Pugh (MPA ’14), Dan Marlin (MPA ’14), Elizabeth Schrimpf, and Anna Edelstein received gift certificates for the Madison Mallards’ Duck Blind, Mallards glasses and hats, and a $50 gift certificate to Food Fight Restaurants for their winning effort at Brocach in downtown Madison.

“As we began planning this event, we had no idea how many people would be interested in attending,” said second-year student Sara Nowakowski, a member of the Planning Committee. “Everyone’s enthusiasm to participate and their excitement for the event exceeded my expectations and made all the planning work completely worth it.”

Other Planning Committee members were Anna Brunner and Karina Virrueta (both second-year students) and first-year student Mia Nafziger. Also assisting were Moira Lenox and Michael Bonino-Britsch (Question Committee) along with Kelsey Mueller, Richelle Andrae, and Sara Sanders. Brunner and Andrae moderated.

Nafziger already is looking forward to the 2018 Trivia Night. “This year was a big success, and we hope to expand the event so even more students, staff, faculty, and alumni can participate.”

Not to be outdone, five staff members won a gift certificate for the most creative team name: Staff Infection 1. Participants were Hilary Shager (MPA ’05), Eric Shager, Bridget Pirsch, Marjorie Matthews, and David Wright-Racette.

The students raised more than $700 for their graduation ceremony and celebration on May 14 and for other LSSA service projects and learning opportunities.

Although La Follette School Director Don Moynihan was unable to attend, he participated in spirit as the subject of this question: Who is older Donald Trump or Donald Moynihan?

The answer to the tie-breaker question? 107 million copies of the book Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone have been sold.