Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs
Tuesday, October 22, 2013

5 join student association board

Five first-year students are joining the La Follette School Student Association executive board after elections closed and the association moved to change its constitution to accommodate tie votes. The new members are:

  • Vice presidents: Carl Christiansen and Scott Wood
  • Graduation co-coordinator: Forrest McKnight
  • Social co-coordinator: Andrew Behm
  • Community Service and Outreach co-coordinator: Tahira Chaudary

Changes to the constitution include establishing a tie-breaking protocol: In the event of a tie, an immediate runoff will be held, says LSSA president Steve Kulig. "If two candidates still remain tied, they could serve as co-officers for the position at the discretion of the board, which is what happened this year with the vice presidency."

Another change is that responsibility for lining up a student graduation speaker is transferred from the vice president to the first-year graduation co-coordinator. For the fall elections of first-year students, if no first-year students accept nominations after the 28-day deadline, current officers may nominate first-year students.

LSSA last changed its constitution in spring 2012 to increase the number of first-year students from one to four.