Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs
Friday, March 29, 2019

1978 alumnus Starik joins Walden

Mark Starik (MA ’78) is a contributing faculty member in Walden University’s Public Policy & Administration Doctoral Program. He also conducts research and writes academic and practitioner articles about sustainability management.

At Walden, he teaches doctoral students and advises them on their dissertations. Starik previously served as a professor and chair of Strategic Management & Public Policy at The George Washington University, where he also directed a sustainability institute. He also led a sustainability center at San Francisco State University and a sustainability management program at American University.

In 2018, Starik served as a client for La Follette School students in the Workshop in Public Affairs (PA 869) course. The students’ report, Corporate Social Responsibility in Wisconsin: The Role of Certified B Corps provides a detailed analysis of how organizations in Wisconsin’s fastest growing sectors can demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility and includes recommendations for increasing the number of socially minded, certified “B Corps” in the state.

Starik received his doctorate in strategic management and operations management from the University of Georgia.