Internship Location: Chicago, IL (virtually)
Organization Type: Nonprofit
Policy Areas: Foreign Affairs, International Business, Economic/Community/international

WorldChicago is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to promote citizen diplomacy through its various programs. Citizen diplomacy is the idea that each citizen of the United States has the capacity and duty to affect foreign policy. This is done in a deceptively simple way- meeting and getting to know people from other parts of the world! WorldChicago welcomes international visitors of U.S. State Department exchange programs to the Windy City and provides opportunities for them to familiarize themselves with American culture and their specific interests/disciplines, which vary with each program. WorldChicago involves local organizations in educational programs and Chicagoans themselves as they develop relationships with individuals from all over the world. Summits are also hosted to provide individuals with opportunities to improve their knowledge in social justice and foreign relations, as well as to connect with other global citizens. This summer, I have been a part of the Marketing and Development Department. I collaborate with fellow interns and my supervisor to develop advertising campaigns, translate documents, aid in event programming and preparation, connect with alumni, other Chicago organizations, potential donors… the list goes on! Through this internship, I have developed my understanding of communications, strategies in improving foreign relations and community wellbeing, and nonprofit organization functioning and management.