Wisconsin State Senator Kelda Roys

Internship Location: Hybrid Madison

Organization Type: State Government

Policy Areas: Legislative

My internship in the office of State Senator Kelda Roys focused on developing the interns’ writing skills through responding to constituent contacts and walking through neighborhoods in Senate District 26 to distribute literature to constituents. The hybrid format of the internship allowed for flexibility in completing projects; for example, I was assigned the task of creating social media posts, which could be completed at home. I spent time in the Capitol, where we worked on résumés and contributed to the “Saw You in the News!” project that Senator Roys started in her office. This internship also allowed me to attend press conferences and discuss ideas with our constituent relations director, policy analyst, and Senator Roys herself. While the legislature is out of session (like in the Summer), interns have a bit more freedom in developing their own projects, because there is less work to be done. Ultimately, interns were able to pursue experiences where they had interest, which I found to be the most rewarding part of the internship. Students looking to develop their communication and writing skills while getting a clearer picture of the workings of the State Legislature would benefit from this internship. This internship is also best for someone with the self-motivation to ask for new tasks, because all of the staff in the office support interns in making the most out of their internship how they see fit. Experiencing the energy in Senator Roys’ office was a great opportunity and reinvigorated my excitement for government and politics, even in such a tense political atmosphere.