Wisconsin State Senator Brad Pfaff

Internship Location: Madison WI

Organization Type: State Government

Policy Areas: Women’s Health

This summer, I interned with the office of State Senator Brad Pfaff, representing the 32nd District of Wisconsin. Through this experience, I gained valuable insights and expertise that ultimately helped me successfully navigate my internship. Applying classroom teachings to real-world situations enabled me to truly comprehend the material. I was most surprised by how easily I could connect the class content with the tasks assigned to me in Pfaff’s office. This marked one of the first instances where I could clearly observe a direct correlation between academics and an official job. The hands-on experience of studying public policies and conducting data analysis seamlessly translated from the classroom to the office. I highly recommend this internship to future students, as it offers exposure to real policy-making processes and the opportunity to engage in many projects. Moreover, this internship had a profound impact on my future career and academic plans. It led me to realize that almost every public official requires a graphic designer for official or campaign branding. Despite this unexpected twist, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a way to combine my passion for policy and art. Thanks to this experience, I am now planning to include a minor in graphic design in my academic pursuits. As I look ahead to my future career, I am confident that I will be able to utilize both my knowledge of public policy and graphic design, whether by working on campaigns or within a government office.