Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health

Internship Location: Madison, WI

Organization Type: Non-Profit 

Policy Areas: Women’s health, voting rights, advocacy work, family health, economic stability

For the past year I have been working as an intern at the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health (WIAWH). WIAWH works to ensure that every woman in Wisconsin, regardless of age or stage of life, has the ability to reach their optimal health, safety, and economic security by informing, involving, and inspiring woman to be effective advocates to ultimately ensure that policy work happens WITH women and not TO women. During the internship I primarily worked to analyze and present data from the Postcard to the Polls and Get Out the Vote! campaigns. Being involved with the Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health this year through an election year, and more urgently an election year that brought into question the rights of women in Wisconsin, was an experience I will never forget. Seeing the direct impact of the projects and campaigns the alliance was implementing through data analysis was really rewarding and humanized policy advocacy as a field by focusing on individuals and their stories. In the coming year, the Wisconsin Alliance of Women’s Health will be rebranding into Embolden WI. Embolden will still be a non-profit organization working towards the same mission and values of WIAWH. As of right now, WIAWH works to cover the broad and ever-expansive field of women’s rights. Embolden will focus on shifting the focus of WIAWH from fighting for woman to empower women and individuals to fight for the change they want to see. Taking the programs and campaigns that the office currently has in communities, Embolden will be working to improve and really focus in on how those programs can be the most effective and grow to have woman advocate for each other and themselves.