Vietnam Institute for Development Strategies (VIDS)

Internship Location: Vietnam

Organization Type: Federal Government

Policy Areas: Economic /development policy

My internship journey at the Vietnam Institute for Development Strategies (VIDS) was like opening a door to the real world of policy creation. I worked alongside experts from the Ministry of Investment and Planning, witnessing firsthand their research methods, problem-solving approaches, and policy crafting. It was like getting an exclusive backstage pass to the world of policymaking. The skills I’ve been learning at La Follette really came into play during my internship. I could see how important adaptable communication, teamwork, and smart strategies are when dealing with complex policy issues. The lessons from my coursework were like tools in my toolbox that I could use to tackle real-world challenges. What surprised me the most was how much policymaking involves considering practical situations and adapting policies to fit them. This real-world aspect was something I didn’t fully grasp from textbooks alone. The most valuable part of the experience was connecting with professionals in the field. Learning directly from those at the heart of policymaking was incredibly insightful. I could see how theory turns into action. If possible, I would recommend this internship to future students. It’s a chance to step out of the classroom and into the world where policies are made. It gives you a taste of what your future career could be like, helps you understand the challenges, and equips you with skills that go beyond academic knowledge. This internship has greatly influenced how I think about my future career. It’s solidified my passion for working in the public sector. Seeing how policies impact real lives and having the chance to contribute to positive change has made me even more excited about my career path.