Urban Triage

Internship Location: Madison

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Policy Areas: Social Justice, Housing, Nonprofit Management

Urban Triage is a community-led and community-funded non-profit organization that aims to empower Black families and children by developing programming and mobilizing community resources to distribute them to those most in need. Urban Triage serves the Dane County community through programming including their Unhoused Neighbors Initiative, Co-Conspirator Workgroup,  Supporting Healthy Black Families Workgroup, Supporting Healthy Black Agriculture Workgroup, Transformative Education, Equity, and Social Justice Consulting, and their COVID-19 Rental Support Program to name a few. Urban Triage’s Rental Support Program is a part of the Dane County 2.0. collaboration with the City of Madison, Community Action Coalition (CAC), and Tenant Resource Center (TRC). I had the opportunity to assist their Rental Support Program as a Program Intern this summer. Through this internship, I was able to work with tenants, landlords, and other non-profits organizations daily through a cloud-based software created specifically for rental assistance programs. This internship also allowed me to further my knowledge about the ins and outs of how housing and community development programs operate. I also had the opportunity to be a part of their Supporting Black Families Workgroup every week where I gained the tools to develop and identify personal traumas and perceptions as well as become empowered and experience personal breakthroughs and transformation. This workgroup not only impacted and aided me in numerous ways personally but professionally and academically as well. This internship was a great opportunity to further learn and develop my knowledge and interest in non-profit organizations as well as my  public policy interests.