United States Attorney’s Office, Eastern District of Wisconsin

Internship Location: Milwaukee WI

Organization Type: Federal Government

Policy Areas: Human Rights & Law

I worked as the Victim/Witness Intern for the United States Attorney’s Office in the Eastern District of Wisconsin. My primary role was to assist and comfort victims and witnesses of crime through the court process and after. I established a guide for all available resources from clothing and water to housing and therapy solutions for people who have a variety of needs to fill after they are affected by a crime. I reorganized all information in my supervisor’s office into a more manageable system for increased efficiency with cases. I also went through and helped digitize victim impact statements that people made for the court into a digital form. Throughout my internship, I worked on and saw every kind of case that the United States Attorneys in Milwaukee handle. I worked on cases that spanned from Human Trafficking and Armed Robbery to Sexual harassment and Hate Crimes. Throughout this experience, I have gained a greater understanding and appreciation of what kind of law I would like to pursue and work in. I have also had the opportunity to network with other kinds of Department of Justice organizations and through those networks I was able to get interviews for a few positions. Overall, this internship changed my life, and my outlook on crime, and the criminal justice system.