The University of Wisconsin, Madison Nelson Institute

Internship Location: Madison, Wisconsin (remote)
Organization Type: University/Academia
Policy Areas: Environmental Policy, Health, Research, Transportation

Throughout the 2022 summer, I worked for both the co-Editor and a lead author of a chapter on the revising and editing of the second edition of a textbook titled “Climate Change and Public Health”. As a student assistant, I performed literature reviews, updated data, and researched and reviewed recent policies related to climate change that have relevance to public health. From a policy perspective I performed research on the growth of health organizations and NGOs, such as the Global Climate and Health Alliance, along with new efforts from the broader health sector to affect policy change. Lastly, I was able to take the lead on the writing of additional topics such as recent extreme weather events, sea level rise, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected food production and distribution. Doing this work has allowed me to see the interconnectedness of climate change and public health, and how recent committee and organization meetings and their policy decisions can impact the mitigation of climate change in the future.