Strides For Africa

Internship Location: Remote

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Policy Areas: Public Health

My internship with Strides for Africa has taught me so much about Non-Profits and many aspects of policy as introduced in many Public Policy Classes. I have to use my knowledge of research and what drives policy change, framing, and the most effective language needed to advocate for marginalized groups. As a Community Outreach Intern, I was tasked with using my connections within the Madison community to expand the organization’s outreach to tackle better the issue of clean water access in African communities. Throughout my time at this organization, I learned the inner workings of Non-Profit Organizations, gained valuable grant writing experience, gained connections with other non-profits in Madison with the same mission, and got to apply my social justice background to advocate and make change for disenfranchised people in rural African communities. I highly recommend this internship to students because of the great learning opportunities and the spectacular team you are working with. Strides for Africa has a passionate and hardworking team that focuses on doing good within communities and ensuring their staff feel fulfilled in their organizational roles. This internship was a great way to explore different career paths in a more private sector that still evokes change within communities and can shape policy change through advocacy and fundraising. I am thankful for this great opportunity and the skills I gained after working with this fantastic organization.