Senator Tammy Baldwin’s Washington DC Office

Internship Location: Washington DC

Organization Type: Federal Government

Policy Areas: Wide ranging, but specialized in Environment and Defense

During my time with Senator Tammy Baldwin’s Washington DC office, I was able to work closely with legislative staff of varying ranks to craft policy memos, legislative letters, and communicate with constituents on a day-to-day basis. Not only was my personal zeal towards working for the State of Wisconsin reinforced, but I also gained invaluable experience pertaining to the legislative process and interpersonal communications. Communicating directly with Senator Baldwin’s constituents on a daily basis opened my eyes to the issues that the people of Wisconsin face and are truly passionate about, and I was able to discover just how instrumental constituent needs and opinions are in the crafting of our nation’s legislation. Via the ability to work hands-on with active legislation in the United States Senate, I undoubtedly have strengthened my knowledge of the United States Congress and Government as a whole, and I am eager to apply this in my coursework this upcoming year. The staff in Senator Baldwin’s office were not only kind but also incredibly helpful, and were always willing to teach our intern class new research methods, writing skills, and connect us with other staff on or adjacent to the Hill in order to forward our own professional journeys. I am incredibly grateful for this experience, and I look forward to taking the lessons learned with me as I continue my education and embark on my personal career journey. I would without a doubt recommend others to apply.