Portage Business and Economic Development

Internship Location: Portage, WI 

Organizational Type: Local Government

Policy Area: Business and economic development

The internship was based in Portage and I worked with the city government. Specifically, I worked with Steven Sobiek, the head of the government’s business and economic development sector. Under Steven’s supervision, I worked toward the goal of finding recommendations for the city council on how to integrate new Latino immigrants into the community. During my internship, I conducted many interviews with people who were part of the Portage and Latino communities to figure out my recommendations. I also conducted research about the community and its resources. Near the end, I created a deliverable in the form of a presentation that I will present to the city council. The internship taught me a lot about interviewing and communicating clearly with new people. I also learned a lot about conducting my own research and separating out what will be the most receptible by my audience. I also got to improve my speaking skills both with the interviews and the presentation to the city council. Overall, the internship was a really helpful and fulfilling experience.