Office of State Senator Kelda Roys

Internship Location: Remote

Organization Type: State Government

Policy Areas: Government Relations/Lobbying

I was an intern for State Senator Kelda Roys of the 26th District. This internship required an immense amount of independent work. Senator Roys was recently voted into office in 2020 and is still establishing a rewarding work environment. My work consisted of checking Senator Roys’ email and voicemail to log constituent comments for a formal response. Other tasks involved crafting letters on behalf of Senator Roys’ in response to her constituents’ concerns. Some examples of this include unemployment benefits, healthcare, education, women’s right, and agriculture. Interns have many opportunities to take on individual projects that further help the Senator interact with her constituents. Strong communication skills, flexibility, and attention to detail are attributes interns should have to succeed in this environment. Moreover, suppose a task is not completed within the allotted work hours. In that case, you are expected to work more hours to complete the job instead of pushing it off into the following week. Overall, this experience taught me my strengths and weaknesses and whether state government is a future career option for me. I highly recommend this internship to gain experience working in a fast-paced environment with young professionals still navigating their place in the realm of government and politics.