Office of Governor Tony Evers

Internship Location: Madison WI

Organization Type: State Government

Policy Areas: Housing/Labor/Social Welfare

When working as an intern for the Constituent Services Department in the office of Governor Tony Evers the name says it all, you are first and foremost working to serve constituents across the state. Working in the office I often worked at the front desk, meaning that anyone could come up at any time asking for the Governor, his staff, or just to take a look at the cool architecture of the Capitol. Sometimes the people who came in were ordinary citizens looking to voice an opinion, and sometimes they were important politicians and business people waiting for an important meeting in the Governor’s office.  When I wasn’t helping people who came up to the desk I was working with constituents through email, voicemail, and phone calls. I coded emails based on the opinion expressed within the message, logged voicemails left with the office, and called back constituents as requested. I used Intranet Quorum to code these emails, make sure opinions were being kept track of and listened to, and opened casework for constituents when they were in need of assistance. Through this casework the Constituent Services team is able to connect citizens with state agencies and programs that can hopefully help in whatever way the constituent needs. By listening to the concerns and needs of Wisconsin residents, the Constituent Services team is able to let the policy team know what is on the mind of Wisconsinites, which has an impact on the policy initiatives the Governor puts forward.