Office of Compliance and Integrity of the UW System

Internship Location: Madison, WI

Organization Type: Higher Education

Policy Areas: Education, Government Relations, Law

My internship was at the Office of Compliance and Integrity of the UW System. Throughout my time as an intern, I worked closely with colleagues who fill a variety of roles for the UW System. This includes Pre-college Liaisons, Public Records Custodians, Title IX coordinators and investigators, Compliance Officers, and more. My job duties included updating and redesigning the website as well as tracking changes and analyzing statistics to assure our office was communicating a clear and concise message about our policies. I worked with policy owners to gain a better understanding of the policy cycle and development process and entered policy changes and updates into the compliance matrix. Analyzed compliance data to prepare and create compliance reports. Received public records custodial training to assist with public records requests. And, performed day-to-day administrative tasks, process paperwork, coordinated work for others, and maintained document organization. Additionally, this internship has allowed me to make valuable connections with lawyers and other professionals in public institutions which has helped me build my professional network as well. Throughout my time working here I gained an invaluable experience learning how to work in a professional setting, manage time with multiple projects, understand and utilize new technologies, improve my knowledge of public policies, and the ins and outs of working for a public institution. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working at the Office of Compliance and Integrity!