NYC Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings

Internship Location: New York City 

Organization Type: Local Government

Policy Areas: Judicial and Civil Services

Throughout this internship experience, I had the opportunity to live in a new city while learning more about its unique city government policies. The city of New York is unique as it has implemented a completely impartial judiciary of administrative law judges through the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings. This agency, referred to as OATH, provides unbiased review of civil trials, and universal access to public hearings. While working within this organization, I was able to learn more about this new governmental structuring while meeting people of all divisions who help facilitate this process. I was able to participate in events in many agencies of city government, while meeting council members, judges, and agency commissioners along the way. I found this experience to be very beneficial, especially for learning more about the intersection of law and public policy. It was helpful in discovering the broad scope of careers within the legal field, and was a stepping stone in making connections towards whatever path I choose to pursue. This agency not only develops professional growth, but provides future career opportunities whether it is within OATH or in another area of NYC government.