Madison office of US Senator Tammy Baldwin

Internship Location: Madison WI

Organization Type: Federal Government

Policy Areas: Wide ranging surrounding current events

During my time with Senator Tammy Baldwin’s Madison office, I was able to work closely with staff and other interns to handle constituent correspondence of all forms (letter, phone, voicemail) and distribute casework amongst the staff. The main policy focus of Senator Baldwin’s office is variable from semester to semester and depends on the current issues facing the Senate. Having constant communication with Senator Baldwin’s constituents gave me an important insight into the issues faced in Wisconsin and across the country. Constituent correspondence also gave me an awareness of how important issues can be for constituents, and how legislation reflects those issues. I found the most gratifying part to be assisting constituents with various casework issues such as Veterans benefits, Social Security, or Immigration. Being able to make a physical impact within the Wisconsin community resonated with me as public service and government can often feel insufficient with the many problems in the U.S. This internship strengthened my interpersonal and communication skills in a professional setting, my understanding of the U.S. Congress and government, and my ability to research and synthesize information. The staff in Senator Baldwin’s office were beyond welcoming and enthusiastic about teaching and explaining various skills or issues. My supervisor’s ability to create relationships with and between the interns while still maintaining a professional mentor made for an amazing experience. This is the most positive internship I have had so far in college and would with no question recommend to a person interested in government and public service to apply.