Legal Action of Wisconsin

Internship Location: Remote

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Policy Areas: Law

My internship at Legal Action of Wisconsin consists of two primary responsibilities. I have been tasked with creating “staff spotlights,” which are social media posts that are geared towards facebook. The goal of staff spotlights is to show appreciation for a staff member within Legal Action and showcase their personality. The process of creating one involves finding people who are interested in being featured in a post, sending them a short list of questions about themselves and their work, and finally using their responses to draft a short 100–200-word post. I enjoy the process of creating staff spotlights because it gives me the opportunity to get to know Legal Action Staff and it provides me with a creative outlet. When I cannot work on a staff spotlight because I am waiting on email correspondence, I help organize Legal Action’s database where they record the organizations and attorneys they have worked with in the past. Though I have only been with Legal Action for a short time, I can tell they are highly committed to social justice. I recently participated in a racial justice training program for Legal Action employees which I found engaging and educational. During this training I talked to Legal Action Staff from a variety of different offices, and they are all great people. I would really enjoy interning at Legal Action again in the future as a law student because that would provide me with a firsthand look at the most impactful areas of the organization.