Law Firm of Conway, Olejniczak & Jerry, S.C.

Internship Location: Green Bay WI

Organization Type: Private sector

Policy Areas: Business Law and General Litigation

I have been at this internship since last summer. I also went back over winter break and continued this summer. Our days as interns sometimes consist of researching articles related to either statues, case law, or any recent legal article to help specific attorneys with specific cases they’re working on. Some days are more evidence specific and we search through large amounts of data to find precisely what an attorney is looking for.  I really enjoyed my internship because it gave me the opportunity to see what life as an attorney could be like and made me desire to be one even more. I learned a lot about the substance of contracts and how business transactions are done. I was surprised at how collaborative the internship was and how law is ever changing. This causes you to have to rely on a whole team. I would recommend this internship only to people looking to be in private sector law. The reason it was so enjoyable for me was because it is what I want to do.