Internship Location: Remote

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Policy Areas:  Education and National Policy

#ICANHELP is a nonprofit organization that helps to educate students and young Americans on the proper ways to use social media as well as the proper way to address and tackle discussions of mental health in an inclusive and successful way within American schools. To spread their message to schools and educational platforms, #ICANHELP has developed many different strategies of education and outreach. The first way that the organization targets youth is by involving students in the organization itself through an ambassador program. Through the ambassador program teens who understand the weight of gaining a positive social media presence and are passionate about #ICANHELP can share and spread their knowledge to their peers and members of their community. In addition to gaining exposure within schools through representatives and outreach, #ICANHELP has created multiple trainings that can be used and shared throughout schools to educate students on how to effectively and properly use social media. The organization offers two types of training programs, the Digital First Responder Training, and the Digital Wellness Training. By providing these trainings, #ICANHELP is offering physical curriculum and meaningful outlines for the type of important information that must be taught in schools. As an intern with #ICANHELP, you will have the opportunity to work to develop ways of attacking policy so that it reflects the research and motivations behind the organization as well as work towards getting the word out to other youth and expanding all of the educational programs.