House of Representatives Mark Pocan’s Office

Internship Location: Madison WI

Organization Type: Federal Government

Policy Areas: International, social justice, poverty, food access

I interned at Congressman Pocan’s district office for a semester. It was an illuminating experience. It provided me great insight into the inner workings of a Congressman’s office. Additionally, it was the perfect opportunity to apply the content of my courses to my internship. This semester has been an eventful one in terms of current events. The skills I’ve learned in regard to the ways policy was developed around these current events served me well in dealing with inquiries about these issues. The internship was surprising in the lack of partisanship in the office. The sheer truthful devotion to serving every constituent, even those who wildly disagree with the Congressman, was refreshing and impressive. I would definitely recommend this internship to those interested in government and being involved in serving the entire second district. If you put yourself forward and show your interest, the office will do what it can to give you the opportunities to experience more policy work you are interested in and you will be given more responsibilities which will only enhance your experience.