Healthcare Leadership Council

Internship Location: Remote

Organization Type: Private

Policy Areas: Health

This summer I interned for the Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC). HLC is an organization that serves as a coalition of chief executives from various sectors within American healthcare, ranging from hospitals and clinics to large pharmaceutical companies. HLC is a forum of healthcare leaders aimed at informing health policy, providing effective and affordable healthcare, and promoting a patient centered model of healthcare delivery. I was assigned to work with the policy team, which worked to create and inform health policy that represented the interests of various stakeholders within the healthcare sector. I attended weekly congressional hearings for various committees (such as the Ways and Means Committee) discussing a range of issues related to health policy. Along with congressional hearings, I attended health events each week ranging from cybersecurity to the importance of value-based care. For each health event I attended I wrote briefings to be used by employees of HLC. Outside of covering health events, I worked on research covering topics such as behavioral health, broadband availability, and patient privacy. This research was utilized by the policy team to create health policy recommendations representing the interests of HLC’s member groups. Along with independent research, me and my fellow interns were responsible for collecting and sending out weekly news clips from various news sources. My time with the Healthcare Leadership Council has helped me not only develop stronger written and oral communication skills, but also taught me the importance of independent thinking and how to become my own self advocate.