Internship Location: Chicago, IL 

Organization Type: Private sector (consulting)

Policy Areas: State & Local Government

I interned as a Summer Consultant with Guidehouse, a management consulting firm, in their State and Local Government Practice. I had the opportunity to engage in various workstreams within my team. For example, I conducted in-depth research and analysis of government policies, assisted in the development and execution of a data and reporting strategy for a county annual treasury report, collected data and performed quantitative analysis, and supported the team in business development and market research. Throughout my time at La Follette, I have conducted in-depth research on government policies, drafted policy memos, engaged with analytical tools, and collaborated on group projects, which were all helpful in completing my internship. More specifically, the course, Pub Affr 520: Inequality, Race and Public Policy, challenged me to look at policy through an equity and intersectional lens. This was most useful when engaging in government, energy, and sustainability work that evaluated equity and impact. I was surprised that I was encouraged to pursue projects and engage with work that most interested me. My team was nothing but supportive, provided me with the tools and opportunities to excel, and included me in as much as possible. Their insight and guidance was most valuable as I had the opportunity to connect one-on-one with many on my team discussing both professional and personal experiences. I would highly recommend this internship to future students with an interest in public sector consulting. This internship allowed me to see management consulting as a potential career option which I would have never previously considered.