Governor Tony Evers

Internship Location: Madison

Organization Type: State Government

Policy Areas: Public Administration

Coming into the 2022 Midterms, I had the opportunity to intern with Governor Tony Evers’s reelection campaign. As one of the most critical gubernatorial elections this cycle, my role as a digital intern not only gave me hands-on experience working on a campaign, but I was able to push the Governors platform to a more diverse set of demographics throughout the state. Working alongside our social media manager and digital content creator, I helped our team accomplish daily tasks by writing social copy, recruiting video submissions, editing website and video content, and pitching video scripts for the Governor. In addition, I also serve as a connection between the campaign and youth advocacy groups to ensure that voters of all ages understand the Governor’s view on healthcare, education, democracy, and the overall future success of our state. While we do not create policy, understanding the Governor’s plan for Wisconsin and what policies he implemented during his first term is the most important aspect of my internship. In order to embrace the Governors voice on the internet it is crucial for me and my team to understand why these policies are the best for the future of the state so that we can communicate it to voters. In addition to crafting online content, I also work with my team to interact with Wisconsinites through answering social media inboxes and recording supporter videos during press conferences and other events happening in Madison.