Flip the Vote

Internship Location: Milwaukee

Organization Type: Nonprofit

Policy Areas: Community Organizing, Nonprofit Management

Flip the Vote is a partisan non-profit organization that is focused on fundraising money for grassroots organizing groups in seven key states across the country. These states are ones in which there are voter suppression laws in place and ones in which Democrats would be able to win elections. Flip the Vote does extensive research on which states to invest in and which groups have the largest budget gaps and are the most successful in their work. Wisconsin is one of the states that Flip the Vote focuses on and the partner group in Wisconsin is BLOC, a group focused on the BIPOC community in Milwaukee. Like BLOC, the rest of the partner groups are focused on and led by BIPOC communities. In my internship, my primary responsibilities include interacting with hosts who hold fundraising events and assisting them with scheduling their events. I am the first representative from Flip the Vote that they connect with, so it is important that I am well versed in the strategy of Flip the Vote and how the process for hosting a fundraising event works. I also had the opportunity to join the strategy team and learn about how new states and new partner groups are chosen. I completed research on each of the states and partner groups and created content for the website based on this research. Working for Flip the Vote was a great introduction to public service and non-profits and I have learned a lot from this position.